Here is a list of my favorite resources for mind, body and spirit. Enjoy!


Nourishing Wisdom, by Marc David – Marc is one of my favorite teachers in the field of nutrition, because he brilliantly connects the body, the mind and the spirit with eating.

Anything by Geneen Roth (she is the guru of emotional eating). Her books, Feeding The Hungry Heart, Breaking Free from Compulsive Overeating, and When Food Is Love, have helped me as well as many many friends and clients.

The Sneaky Chef, by Missy Chase Lapine – Not only do her recipes provide more nourishment than the average “kid-food” does, but they actually taste DELICIOUS! I am a huge fan!

Super Natural Cooking, by Heidi Swanson – this is my absolute favorite new cookbook. Heidi uses real, whole foods to create unique and delicious recipes. Also check out her gorgeous and inspiring website, YUM.


Circle Yoga/Budding Yogis ( – my favorite Washington, DC yoga studio, with a variety of classes for kids and adults.

Musikids ( - Dynamic, educational, interactive and fun music and movement classes for infants - 5 years. Musikids offers a variety of classes, parties, special events, and charitable outreach. Studios in Chevy Chase, D.C., Bethesda and Rockville, whith classes in Virginia and the Kentlands too!

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (– this one-of-a-kind nutrition school is where I studied holistic health and nutrition. Check out their website (under IINsider) for more great, whole-food recipes.

WEBSITES I LOVE – My friend, Aviva Goldfarb’s wonderful website featuring the weekly six o’clock scramble newsletter – an excellent resource for healthy dinners 5 nights a week! - Here you will find tactics, tools, checklists, spread sheets, and more for managing the many details of your family's life. Also check out Amy's blog: where you can dish with other moms. – created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this is a snazzy website where games teach kids (and their parents) how to eat well and resist the food industry’s marketing campaigns. – I love Chef Ann, the creator of this website, and a huge advocate for changing school food. – A huge resource for up-to-the-minute food and health information. – The Weston A. Price foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet.  This website is full of TONS of information about “real food.”  A great source of information about children’s nutrition and healthy fats. - This site has a FREE weekly newsletter devoted to some of the best stuff to do in the metropolitan DC area. Find things to do with the kids, no matter what their age, and then activities just for moms! As an added bonus, each day profiles a chic product or service, since we all know that just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you have to give up having a life!

SERVICES & PRODUCTS I LOVE – Maybe I am biased (since this is my sister’s website and service), but Linda Laymon is fashion-ly gifted.  Although she works primarily with women in the NJ/NY area, she occasionally graces us DC locals with her presence.  Check out her website to subscribe to her free newsletter and to see when she might be in your area. – Jackie, the owner of this organizing service, has helped maintain my sanity. I was not, unfortunately, blessed with the “neat gene,” but Jackie has shown me how to stay organized despite that missing link. – these waste free lunchboxes are easy to pack and fun to use (they look like mini-briefcases!). Order a lunchbox and receive a great “user’s guide” full of recipes and ideas, as well as their helpful and interesting monthly newsletter. 

Monica Corrado – whole foods chef and cooking teacher extraordinaire! My friend and colleague Monica is THE PERSON to learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious foods from (not to mention, she also knows a lot about herbs and essential oils).  Contact her at (240) 988-9312. – my friend Natalie Matushenko is the founder of The Passion and Purpose Institute, which helps people uncover their passions, discover their life’s purpose, and get inspired to create a joyful and abundant life!.  She offers fabulous workshops and ongoing groups, as well as other tools for both individuals and organizations. - A total body fitness program for moms with kids in strollers. Free playgroups and moms' night out too. Enjoy a free class when you mention my name. – My friend and colleague, Jennifer Kogan, is a psychotherapist who provides individual and family therapy. A great resource in the Washington, DC area.


Amazon Herbs - Amazon herbs works with indigenous Rainforest communities to create incredible herbal botanicalsfor both children and adults. The rainforest is the most concentrated source of life energy on the earth, which is reflected in these nutrients. My favorite: Aquazon - helps with alertness and focus. For kids' immunities, I love Una de Gato honey vineger.

Juice Plus – Juice Plus is a whole foods fruit and vegetable supplement, which is recommended by Dr. Sears and many many others.  This is an amazing supplement for anyone, but ESPECIALLY for the picky eaters among us, who may not be getting in their 9 servings a day!  I use it for myself, and my kids devour their delicious fruit and vegetable gummies. Email me at and I will connect you with my distributor.


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