OK, so what exactly do you need to do to take charge of your eating and your life?

Having a good relationship with food involves aligning your body, your mind and your emotions so they work for you. This is not about another diet or more deprivation, but understanding how specific foods affect your brain, your body, your moods, your emotions and your energy. Then, it means incorporating shifts in your mindest and your lifestyle to get you the best results and the best overall life. Here's what you will learn to do:

  • Make your mental and physical
    health a priority
  • Get in touch with your intuition
    and your body
  • Learn to eat for nourishment and joy rather than sabotage and stress
  • Stop dieting and the crazy mentality that goes with it
  • Learn to say NO more often
  • Notice how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs dictate how you eat
  • Begin to slow down in life and eating
  • Practice stress-reduction and self-care techniques
  • Develop a movement program you’ll love
  • Learn to accept and LOVE your body (yes, it’s possible!)

These are the steps that help busy women improve their relationship to food and then feel better in their lives overall. Clients who've applied all these steps with me have seen outstanding results, and for the long haul.

But what do I mean by results? Typical nutrition coaching can produce results quickly, but often not long term. With THIS approach, you can expect a shorter learning curve and enjoy a more satisfying relationship with food and more nourishment from your life. Are you ready?

The result of our work is an approach to eating and self-nourishment that works to change how you relate to food and life. Understand that it's not a "quick fix," it's not magic and it takes several months for you to plant the seeds and for those seeds to grow. I have worked with many clients who have successfully made lasting changes, in much less time than they would have on their own.

I'm known to work best with motivated, insightful people who are open to looking within and ready to make changes. I want this experience to be successful for you. If you think you might be ready, contact my assistant, to set up a free get -acquainted session and we can explore together whether this might be a good fit.

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I have noticed an amazing transformation in my health and wellbeing since I started working with Karen. Through Karen’s counseling and informative workshops, I’ve learned to have a new relationship with food....
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