Want to feed your family in a way that nourishes their bodies and minds?


It’s no secret – there is some kind of “epidemic” in our culture related to food and children.  Everywhere we turn, we are confronted with scary statistics about obesity, eating disorders, health and mental health problems.

As a mother myself, my children’s wellbeing – both now and in the future - is my highest priority. I want them to be healthy of both body and mind.  I want them to feel good physically and emotionally – to have healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyle habits, and positive thoughts about themselves. I want them to be able to function well in school, on the playground, and in life, and most of all, I want them to feel great about who they are. I know this is what all mothers want for their children. All of my family programs are geared toward this common goal.

When I work with families, I help them take the following steps in order to meet their goals:

  • Make your family’s mental and physical wellbeing a priority
  • Learn how to incorporate more real foods into your family’s everyday life (and limit fake foods!)
  • Become a food detective to figure out which foods work best for your child/children
  • Learn simple and creative ways of preparing and incorporating kid-friendly nourishing foods
  • Create a stress-free eating environment that supports emotional health and physical nutrition
  • Upgrade and improve your family’s food choices
  • Address your child’s eating style – specifically, learn how to cope with picky eating, sensitive children, and emotional eating
  • Learn to be a positive role model for healthy eating and healthy living
  • Incorporate movement into your family’s routine
  • Learn how to talk to children about food and their bodies in a way that is supportive and encouraging (what we say really does affect our children)

Tween and Teen Nourishment:

Adolescence - and pre-adolescence – can be a very confusing and challenging time for girls who are trying to make sense of their ever-changing bodies and minds.   It is a time of incredible growth and change, both physically and psychologically.  My individual coaching and psychotherapy, as well as my “Healthy Body, Happy Mind” workshops and groups, are intended for all girls who would like to feel more comfortable in their growing and changing bodies, develop positive relationships with food and eating, and feel better about themselves all-around. 

I blend a variety of techniques, including discussion, mind-body exercises, nutrition education, simple food preparation, mindful eating, and creativity exercises.  My goal is to provide a safe environment to help girls explore their feelings and learn more about themselves, their bodies, eating, and self-care, in order to be able to CELEBRATE who they are and who they are becoming.

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