Are you a busy woman struggling to feed yourself and your family?

Do you ‘know’ the rules of dieting and good nutrition, but somehow can’t seem to incorporate them into your life?

Do you have a difficult time overcoming cravings or feel you just don’t have enough willpower?

Do you wish, once and for all, that your relationship to food was peaceful and nourishing?

If you're like most busy women today, you’re well aware of WHAT you should be eating, but somehow it’s just not a reality in your own life.

You’re really good at many things, but making yourself a priority gets lost in the shuffle of your busy life. You’ve realized you’re not quite living your life the way you imagined – there’s no time for exercise, your kids eat mac and cheese more often than you care to admit, and you find yourself scarfing down a protein bar while schlepping your kids to soccer or driving to the office (only later to notice that you’re satisfying your cravings by late night trips to the fridge).

Click here to hear an interview with Karen as she discusses eating issues and why we get stuck.



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There is a solution…
You can learn to eat for your nourishment, pleasure and joy, rather than sadness, boredom, stress, guilt, shame, frustration, anger or rebellion. Once you figure this out for yourself, not only does it affect every part of your life, but it also trickles down to your family and loved ones. This doesn’t have to be stressful, when you know how to tune into your body and eliminate the stuff that is currently holding you back.

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